Unwanted Spirit: How to Face Confusing Thoughts

Who is right? What is right? Where is wrong?

Feeling trapped and tangled by unanswered questions? How about the confusion caused by extreme ideas and philosophies?

Learn the art of dealing with the effects of contradictory views.

1. Practice an effective relaxation technique

This is very important when your stress out. Get yourself together by calming every nerve.

2. Study the thought objectively. Find the context of your thoughts

3. Get personally involved with the theme or subject. For example, how to play a guiter: how do I play the guiter? You have the power to focus on guiter anytime you want.

4. Seperation: Mentally, distinguish yourself from that thought. This is achieved by distraction or visualization. Try to imagine the reality of that thought, to understand the real theme.

5. Look for the answer, the real answer.

Confusing thoughts are unanswered questions. Never ignore education. Never depend in one source either. Strive for an answer either by experiment or research.

6. Realize when you can't resolve it, you can't help it. And it's time to forget it.

7. Think only on the basis of interest

When something does not interest you, you don't have to stress over it. Your interest is your life and anything out of this, is a waste of time.

8. If you can't let go, change the thought process.

Think about confusing thoughts as wilderness. Work out of it by introducing a new theme.

9. Talk to someone you trust if you feel you would like help.

Thoughts are thoughts and they just happen. Don't be hard on yourself. Thoughts do not make reality without action. The unknown does not exist.