How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence brain

Intelligence is the ability of the brain to be fast and accurate in interpreting things. Everybody has a level of intelligence that mirrors his experiences, brain usage and other factors associated with memory. A child might be intelligence from birth, naturally. But a dullard can be made intelligence but only when the required effort is applied.

Emotional intelligence model

Emotional intelligence is the ability for one to constantly differentiate between daily life tasks and affection. A person that has a well grounded emotional intelligence cannot cry or be traumatized when He makes a great loss in business. A person with emotional intelligence knows exactly what to do to curb his emotions in terms of losts. A person with emotional intelligence knows about his emotions, thus knows what to feed his mind with. He knows the needs of his emotions and constantly working to fulfill those needs.

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On the other hand, I refer to emotional intelligence as the ability to understand people's emotion either verbally, looks or posture. He knows the whereabouts of emotions thus tends to predict things or people's behaviour as a result of certain emotional alteration.

How can emotional intelligence help you?

emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence help you to determine what people will do or say after they've been told something.

Emotional intelligence is a key to happiness, for it makes you "aware" of your emotions needs thus making them available.

With emotional intelligence you can be able to predict how people will react and amaze others.

It gives you the advantage to get what you want from people at the proper time. You can't lose it.

You see on how to increase your emotional intelligence, we have alot of benefits all flowing around.

Ways that one can enhance their emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence model brain

Do not fear. Stop fear from interrupting the emotions in you. Fear and lack of self exposure is the real source of emotional breakdown. If you want to increase your emotional intelligence, you need to start taking adventure trips.

Expose yourself to as many experiences as you can.

Get social. Start observing people's behaviour and how they react.

How to develop emotional intelligence

emotional intelligence brain model

Developing emotional intelligence is very easy. Every morning, read for 2 hours.

Go around the neighbourhood where children play. Observe emotions and write down just anything you've observed.

Be genuine and relaxed. Do not be the one to test emotions if you really want to increase your emotional intelligence. Be an observer, read alot and eat more Omega 3 foods.

Basic skills of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence test

Since you're looking for how to increase your emotional intelligence, you also need to know when you've learned it.

Emotional actualization.

People with emotional intelligence tend to be professional counselors and fight settlers.

If you increase your emotional intelligence, you'll have the ability to develop untouchable inner happiness. Not through meditation or medication.