How To Increase Your Intelligence In Oblivion

Intelligence in oblivion

I'm not going to talk about magic or spells here.

Am going to show you the real picture of increasing your intelligence in oblivion psychologically, morally and professionally.


First, the literal meaning of oblivion is "out of awareness" thus intelligence in oblivion is all about developing a perfect instinct making your intuitions worth exhibiting.

Making no mistake when you do or say things out of intuition and the ability to make a perfect decision unawares.

Intrapersonal intelligence

First, get your brain working by reading anything for 2 hours every morning or afternoo, just everyday.

Develop your emotional intelligence, which can be found on my previous post.

In order to increase your intelligence in oblivion, you need to start guessing or assuming without asking too much question.

Interpersonal intelligence

Adopt the habit of recognizing situations by observation, rather than asking.

Expose yourself to the situation you want to increase your intelligence in oblivion with.

Becoming a professional in certain practices makes you intelligence even in oblivion. Just believe it.

Stop deep thinking in the public.

Let your reactions, focus and nerves feel the atmosphere and everything around.