What To Do When You Have Low Self Esteem and Low Self Confidence

Get rid of negative people in your life. Note that negative attitude means negative personality and every individual exhibiting such trait can harm your self esteem.

In the other hand, surround yourself with positive transparable people. By doing this you automatically boost your self esteem in the sense that you're in an environment of positive experiences and witnesses.

Try to identity some of the triggers of low self esteem and try to avoid or solve them. For example, negative thoughts are the most common triggers of self esteem. Practice positive thinking.

When your self esteem is low, wear smart dresses and walk faster. A confidence person always walks fast, which in turn creates high self esteem.

Develop your skills. When your self esteem is low you become too conscious of your skills. Practice, study and learn everything possible at a time. A developed skill, a smart dress can make up your self esteem.

Think about your past good experiences, including your accomplishments.

Be self assertive, even if you're not sure. When people recognize your assertion, personality respect will set in, allowing a huge boost of your esteem.

Do not fish for compliments or even try to be a perfectionist. Do not "do it" just to be complimented, for when it doesn't happen your self esteem would be automatically shattered.

Understand that you are not going to be loved by everyone, everywhere. What matters here is to accept the world the way it is and concentrate on loving yourself and those interested in you.

What's your professionality? Do it most of the time. Make friends in that field and forget about other worries or inabilities. You just can't do everything!

Be self dependent. Trust your judgements and live by it. This is a sure way to wake your self esteem and stay above self condemning thoughts.

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