Maturity is not the result of age, but of personal growth - a Poetic Sense


Maturity is not the result of age, but of personal growth.

A growth from within, an invisible growth.

Maturity can be determined through your behaviour, disposition and attitude toward certain daily tasks.

Maturity stands for knowledge, and making use of it skillfully.

When the mind can't interprete the obvious, it lack maturity.

Despite the age, the outcome of your thinking determines who you are and how you're going to be treated.

Count your age and I'll tell you whether you've wasted years...

Age is number, for experiences can be hastened.


Gone are days the matured respect their maturity.

We're living in a day where everybody wants to look and behave young and still, wants the world to respect that number called age.

Age is dumb, it can't speak.

Attitude is your un-mouthed word.

Your lifestyle stands the person you are and thus determines what you'll achieve.


To make maturity more certain...

Daily positive personal growth is needed.

Be anxious of the person you're capable of becoming.

Don't think about your age, think about the possibility to grow your brain, improve your actions and attitude toward your goals.

Always set a reasonable goal. Gentleness pays!

Be yourself. You cannot enjoy life if you're living like somebody else.

Age is number, maturity is sense.

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