How Do You Know If You Have Low Self Esteem

You feel less deserving and inferior in your career field.

When all you can think about is your disabilities.

When all you feel about life is impossibilities.

When you always accept the least and settle for lest, continuously.

When you can't dream of big achievement anymore, you have a very low self esteem.

When you accept bad relationships and consider negative aggressive people your superiors.

When you suffer intense self pity and feel bad about yourself everything someone confront you about his or her recent achievements.

When you lose confidence more easily and fear meeting strangers.

When you lack self assertive, in certain areas of life--there's a low self esteem in that corner.

When you try to use aggressiveness, arrogancy and 'fight' to get heard or accepted.

When you're insecured in your skill field or doubt your knowledge more often, you have a low self esteem.

When you withdraw from social life more often.

When you always disapprove or lack confidence in accepting compliments, or simply feel flattered when complimented--you know you have low self esteem.

When you neglect and expect little out of yourself, you know you have low self esteem.