How Can You Tell If You Have Bed Bugs In Your Mattress and House

This blog suppose to be a self-improvement database but self-awareness (the key to every improvement), which is always gotten by deep undisturbed thinking cannot be achieved when you have bed bugs in your mattress.

I may tell you the obvious thing to do to get rid of them and might also talk about the bed bugs that infest the mind.

To say the obvious, the first sign of bed bugs in your mattress is the irritating itchy sting. And if you've a clean bed bed cover but still experience the sting, you have bed bugs.

If your neighbour, family members or housemate has it, you may likely have some.

Mature bedbugs are only a 1/4 inch in length, for clear identification.

If you're experiencing bites and still couldn't find any bed bug, strip the mattress and expose it to sunlight for 3 hours or more, each side.

Brain bed bugs are bad thoughts and imaginations. If you have them, stop watching scary movies. Read challenging books and avoid idleness.

Surround yourself with positive people and likewise avoid negative people.

Stop alcoholism and drug addiction to stop brain bed bugs infestation.