How a Proper Self-actualization Can Lead You to Greatness In Life

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After a proper self discovery and qualitative self-actualization, concentrate only on creating and improving your values. Once done correctly, money will chase you, people will chase you, respect will chase you, love will chase you, peace will chase you and the best of all, the significance of your success is very visible--the world can never forget you.

For proper self discovery, you have to be yourself and determined to face the world just the way you are.

You have to accept everything about you and make sure that worry is a waste of time.

Look for the value you can offer to the present world we live in--your country, state or even the world.

Your dream might be bigger or smaller, all that matters is the big one.

Disregard any challenging thoughts or low self esteem -- you can do just anything you can dream.

This drive us to self-actualization. Your abilities. Those unique abilities of yours, brought by the differences between you and I.

The actualization process is simple as your ambition, in which you only need an assurance from your understanding ability and interests.

For example, the self discovery process told that I can become a writer. The self actualization process helps me to determine the kind of writer am going to be. A songwriter, copywriter, newspaper journalist, freelance writer, passion writer, fictional writer etc.

In my actualization process, I realize how becoming a passion writer fits in with who am I and the people I want to reach, and certainly, what I want to get out of this career.

Again on my self actualization process, I realize my ACTUAL passion and yes I have a unique voice on self-improvement and motivational life niches.

In short, self actualization helps you determine what fits and what doesn't.

What next? Creating and improving my value.

If I don't embrace education, there would be no me here. I concentrate on creating the value and consistently improving myself in order to present more quality to my audience, still using my unique voice.

And soon, you'll realize that people, money, respect, compliment, love, care and peace are all "chasing" me. And yes, the best of all, I can feel a sense of accomplishment and a big significance as I offer some useful VALUE.

Am not good enough, I have to improve in order to reach more people and to also make an impact in the life of those who want to listen to me.

Life is all about our values. But where can we get this if we're not different.

Do not limit your potentials. Know that you can do SOMETHING despite your misery. Remember, you need to take a step and stand where the seeker seeks before the success shall be well defined. Now or never!