How to Reach Your Full Potential in Life - Even for God

The first foundational step to reach your fullest potentials in life is self discovery.

As simple as it sounds, this involve a proper knowledge of your interests, abilities and all obvious opportunities to make it in life.

Differentiat what work and what doesn't, therefore setting a goal to be persued with all determination and hope.

Do not avoid taking risk either financially or physically.

Improve your knowledge and skills as you get closer to your full potential. Avoid ignoring unfamiliar ideas.

Your success depends on your method. If you can't learn new methods and try each, you can never know your limits.

Be yourself, believe in yourself and maintain your natural knowledge, or you may lose your quality along the way.

This are just some basics of becoming successful in life. The following are the 5 undeniable vital factors to consider in order to reach your fullest potentials in life...

1. Quality of association and relationship

Show me your friend and I'll tell you who you are. Show me your friend and I can predict the height of your success.

Your association with people reflects your future and certainly, your goals and dreams.

If you associate with individuals addiction problems, you are surely not going to reach your fullest potentials. Many addicts spend time doing nothing, and knowing that your friends are your biggest influence, you can imagine yourself losing enough.

As you move on, have in mind that the quality of your association is a big determinant of the quality of your life and the quality of your life puts you on a certain level of attainment of life's goal.

Some character traits that can support you in choosing good association include, self assertion, self knowledge and self assurance.

2. Qualities of success to be possessed.

This opens the door for the arsenal of the qualities of a successful person fit to reach your full potential.

Patience: this is the most hardest but vital quality everyone who wants to reach his fullest potential need to possess. Know it's limits but analyzing the reality rather than the obvious.

Focus: do not let yourself to be easily distracted. Everywhere you go, everything you do, focus on your goals. Let the moment favour your potentials rather than distracting or diminishing the light of your dreams.

Self-assured: Challenges always come, so how do you move on without assertion. Self assurance contribute alot in making you a deserving and fearless success. It is another way of believing your abilities.

Big dreamer: if you dream big your goals are going to be big and a big goal means big achievement. Beware of the bigger space.

Constant Learner: this is very important to reach your full potential in that by learning, you improve your skills and knowledge about your goals.

3. Watch these signs. "A careful traveler who observes warning road signs will arrive his destination safely" Watch out!

Watch out for procrastination!

Watch out for short term pleasure, which in turn might lead to regret.

Watch out for indecency in terms of life pursuit, physical or spiritually.

Watch out for shortcuts, that always limits your experiences, making you less deserving.

Watch out for bad companies among your business or career partners.

Watch out for bad habits such as drug addiction, alcoholism, bad eating habit, and over stressing oneself.

Watch out for deceptive influencers, they can only benefit and leave you struggling with your loses instead of moving up.

4. LEARN from the mistakes and shortcomings of others ahead.

To make yourself more deserving and right at a point to reach your fullest potentials, you need to learn from others' success and mistakes. It makes you aware and knowledgable which in turn gives you an incite on your choices and methods to run your dreams and goals.

Do not ignore new knowledge. Be the salient analyst by taking all that's needed before making a definite decision.

5. The most vital factor: Live for Christ.

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi once said in his book, Youth Counsel Series, LIVE FOR CHRIST that "Life is only lived to the fullest when it is lived to fulfill the purpose of God." He also went further and said, "Living for Christ is the ultimate purpose of mankind." and gives 1 John 3 v 1.

This true to some extent that if you trust and determine to live for christ by doing his will and obeying his word, there's always a guarantee of success in every aspect of your career.

Your confidence cannot diminish, for you're not afraid of failure even as Christ is there for you all the time.

Your potentials cannot be limited either by enemies or the devil. Just make sure you TRUST and OBEY to reach every potential and the purpose of your living. He always plans the best for His people and that's you! Just learn to live according to his will by faith.