Boys Stopped Smiling as Christmas Approaches - Breaking News

Breaking News: Boys Stopped Smiling as Christmas Approaches

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Sorry, it isn't breaking news or may be the heartbreak news or am I missing the point?

Afraid to give, afraid to get. But get what?

I thought everyone is responsible for giving a present when Christmas comes but men seem to be more anxious and obviously worried...this holidy. How true?

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It makes christmas the excitement an overwhelming one...

Have you meet a cheerful male friend in a bad mode this december? May be a symptom of christmas psycho-excitement!

Or if you're a guy, are you really anxious that a christmas without presenting a gift could be more exciting....?

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How obvious....will you regret this Christmas by January? Certainly NO!

Girls, start smiling! But Wait! Be ready with your gifts...

WISH YOU HAPPY CHRISTMAS in advance! (although I always celebrate my Jesus--the reason I smile)