What To Do When Someone Is Having A Diabetic Seizure

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Diabetic seizure occurs like epilepsy caused by shortage of blood sugar. The brain is starved of fuel whenever the blood sugar is low causing confusions, aggressiveness, truculence and irritation.

When the diabetic seizure occurs and the person is conscious, give him a liquid sugar drink, which absorbs faster.

If the person having a diabetic seizure is cooperative, give him sweets.

Someone recommends glucose gel to stop diabetic seizure.

If the person is unconscious...

Try not to give anything in the mouth and lay them in a free space so they won't hurt themselves.

Seek ambulance service or call 911 if the seizure lasts as long as 15 minutes without regaining conscious.

In terms of critical helpless condition, an injection called glucogon works to calm the individual.

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