How to Make Sure You Don’t End up Broke

Your first step to avoid being broke is budgeting. When you don't plan you're planning to fail. Emergency funds should be prioritized as much as possible.

The second step supports the first: money control. A controlled spending can be only achieved when you have a controlled lifestyle. Cut down unnecessary expenses, make sure that you're spending on your NEEDS rather than your NEEDS.

Despite the economic hardship and high prices of goods you should strive to save at least 10% of your monthly or weekly income.

The most appropriate saving for investment is 25% per income for a year. Your savings are your capital for either investment or business.

If you're thinking about retirement and don't want to be broke, bond investment stands the best for you.

Search more about investments and business opportunities if you don't want to be broke. Do not rely on government. Move with a self-dependence perspective.