How To Overcome Fear Of Heights Yourself

Expose yourself to heights in a safe and relaxed environment. Everybody can have this fear unless if you're raised in an apartment or story building.

The only way to overcome fear of heights is to get familiar with heights. Record your progress every week. If not, you may need some life-couch or therapist to get your acrophobia out.

Be open to your thoughts. Hypnosis and positive thinking can be learned and when achieved, you'll automatically value the improvement.

Using Desensitization process you can overcome fear of heights by gradually learning about heights. Climb 2 steps up a ladder today 3 times and stay for 30 mins to an hour. Tomorrow, climb the 3rd step and continue up to the end.

Although the natural way to overcome fear of height permanently can be achieved only naturally, anti-phobia drugs can help you relax. Herbal home remedies can also help.