Potiskum Terror - Ramble On to Make a Better Day

Oh potiskum why have you lose your sanity. Why do the terror also meets you.
To people over the world, potiskum is known because of terrors, but to the nation of nigeria, potiskum is a land of cooperation which has adopted the mark "smile with hardship"
Oh potiskum, I long to watch you progress
my ambition and plan about you is beyond someone's explanation but why do you lift up your hands and don't care about your real brothers.
Oh Nigeria, Oh Yobe
someone seeks to know about your trouble
trouble that has come in without your conscious
yes, you worked it, but still out of conscious,
oh potiskum, how about your God.
I'm rambling because I can still hear the sound of guns from non imaginable source.
Is this why you stayed waiting on the trails out of the likeness of your deeds?
Does this come to your attention only when your attacked by the uninvited guest.
Come lets think twice
come lets join hands and mount wisdom out of folly.
Definitely we need revival and more councellation towards our natured intent.
Life is more than Gold and Transparency is better than Silver.
Lets come and think twice.