Safest Hour Brings the Coolest Song

Men are like a rose but filled with the desire of envy, enemity and strive to cheat.
When someone look into the life where no one walks, it's self esteem that can bring a brighter day for all who seeks it.
Life is injured without the fruit of it's characteristics,
life is outgoing without the reality of the real man.
People do like to say funny things even though they aren't funny because all the funny things are hidden behind the man.
Life is better with no struggle, but every individual knows what is struggle, for it is by the intent that achievements come.
It's almost stupid because am writing something not thinking about it.
My hands are typing what they like but the spellings are all correct.
Me jdy is rambling in this midnight but the safest hour is the right hour for lyrics.
A right hour to spit your tongue out.
Very fitted for the desired, luck, and leveled colonization.
The safest hour is the silent hour,
the safest hour is the coolest hour,
but the safest hour is a lonely hour,
the safest hour is a rambling hour.
Let no one think about letting his outputs triggered by its mitigation.
Deeper and higher. Cooler and warmer. Gentle but rude. Night coolest song. Ramble above your lyrics.