Women, Why Do We Hate Each Other?

The pot filled with lobsters is bubbling on top the raging fire. The lobsters try to claw their way out. Taking a closer look you see it, strange but true. They climb on top each other, helping each other claw their way out of the pot. You can be sure that these are male lobsters. BECAUSE, female lobsters in a steaming hot pot of boiling water clamp each other down so that no one can get out. How alike these female lobsters are to us women.
I'm asking the age old question, asked a million times by others before me. I hope that somewhere along the line in the course of this write up I would be able to find an answer; Why do women hate each other?
The story of the male and female lobster told to me some years ago is probably a myth. I just read that lobsters die almost immediately they enter hot water. But, there must be a reason for this myth.