How to Get Rid of Diverticulosis Pain

Diverticulosis or diverticular disease is a disease of the colon and mostly associated with old age. As you get older, the more you're exposed to the occurence. Fortunately, mostly diverticulosis grows slowly and allows for treatment process.

How does diverticulitis occur

When the inner lining of the large intestine is forced under pressure through the outer layer of the colon or weak spots, small porches called diverticular will start to develop in the colon which is called diverticulitis

The cause of diverticulitis has not been verified medically, but according to a source, intake of foods rich in fibre and lack of exercise expose many people to the risk of having the disease.


There's no particular symptoms of diverticulosis verified medically but according to a source, when it developes to diverticulitis, the symptoms goes as follows:



Blood in the stools

Abdominal cramping, usually more severe on the lower left side

Belching, gas, bloating

Diarrhea, constipation, or very thin stools

Abdominal pain triggered by touch

General feeling of tiredness

Treatments for Diverticular Disease

We're going to start from home remedies. Product you can find at the comfort of your kitchen in case of any stomach run-down. The following natural remedies are especially good in reducing symptoms and preventing you from the developement of the disease.


It's a digestive anti-inflammatory grain. Barly can be added to vegetable soup or stew of any healthy type. Apart from being used as a sauce, you can purchase grits, flour or flakes.


This makes a great significance in reducing infections in the body. Take one clove 3 times every day. Don't cook with it in order not to lose it's raw effect, instead chop it in salads ot finished stew.

Do not add garlic to acidic foods, pasta sauce or tomato based foods to avoid the exacerbation of symptoms.

Brown Rice
It spasms the colon, rich in fibre and reduces inflammation. Mix it with vegetables or eat it with little honey. Make it your breakfast in the morning in place of oatmeal. You can also boil it with tea. There are several ways you can take brown rice and enjoy it's health effects.

Refrigerator Remedies

Pear. This is a fruit good in soothing stomach inflammation. You don't need any professional guide in taking the healthy fruit. Just find a clean ripped one and munch.

Papaya. To sooth your diverticulitis, find a red nice, completely ripped papaya and eat while enjoying the moment. You may also make a fruit salad with papaya, especially the one with melons. The flavour will take you over the edge.

Potatos. Cooked potatoes are nourishing and tasty, serve as an anti-inflammatory, and soothing to the body system. Fried potatos might not be good for you but any other type of processing, baking or boiling will do.

Preventing Diverticular Disease


This is the number gift of nature you can give to your body. Including the digestive system, all the sytems work better when you perform exercises.

Overcome the caffeine temptation. As you exercise your body to have a good digestion, avoid caffeine in order not to make your exercise be in vain.

Red meat. It's very important to avoid anything that causes the weakening of the colon wall in order to stop diverticulosis. Cutting back on red meats is the idea.

Allow bowels to move at their own time. Don't rush or force bowel movement to not expose yourself to the disease.