Want to be Instantly More Attractive to Men? Do this.

As singlewomen, finding new ways to be more attractive to men is a sure-fire way to bring us one step closer to finding the one.
If you want them lining up, forget your normal go-to flirty moves like tossing your hair, pouting your lips or perfecting your Victoria Secret-worthy walk. Instead, all you need to do is show off or develop a skill.
Yup, it’s that easy.
It can be anything from playing an instrument, singing, being a dancer, learning a language, writing a novel. Anything—you just have to be somewhat good and know how to work it.
Want to know why it works? Here it is: having a skill boosts confidence, thus, boosting your attractiveness. Take Charlotte from Sexand the City, for example. Her attractionto her neighbour grew the moment she realized just how manly and sexy it was that he could fix things around her apartment. This relationship didn’t last, of course, as the ladies fromSex and the Citychanged men as often as they changed purses, but you get the picture.
So whether you learn how to speak Italian, try your hand at magic tricks or simply belt out a tune that doesn’t sound too off-key, take pride in the fact that you learned something new and gotten better at the most important skill of all: finding love.