Intensive Bomb Making Program, Hurry now!

Due to the threats of f*ckstards with insurgency and terrorism,

We here by invite all nigerians to come and be trained by our professional ex millitants from all over the world.

We have expertrates in terrorism and bomb making from somalia, iraq, afganistan, pakistan, etal and most importantly supervisors from niger delta.

Please come and learn how to protect yourself from boko.

Also some benefits includes the act of spiritual bombing and flying, this will be overseen by some volunteers from witches association of nigerian (WAN).

The fee is free just get a long broom, gun powder and 2 colanuts.

For more information call my oga @the top +006669. God bless nigeria.

PS: Dear boko.
Bring back our school girls and take our runs girls.
Thanks for your coperation.