How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer with Home Remedies

The first step you can take in making your hair grow faster is taking multivitamis. Vitamin C supplements hastens the growth of both your hair and finger nails.

To make your hair nourished and unbreakable, you need to be hydrated all day. Perform simple exercises like dancing and running.

Eat vegies. Healthy diets makes your hair soft but very resistant to pulling pressure.

Home Remedies For Growing Hair

hair growth progress

Scalp stimulation.

With your head to the flow, flip your hair upside down. This helps the blood to get to your head and stimulate the scalp. Do this twice and consistently on a daily basis.

Avoid washing your hair everyday to allow the natural oil to stay on the strands.

Massaging your scalp also increases stimulation allowing faster hair growth.

Take a cup of milk before you sleep. And sleep longer.

Coconut Juice and Plain Coconut

Drink one cup of homemade coconut everyday, sometimes mixed with orange juice.

Then apply coconut oil on the head while giving it a 10 minutes massage. Put on a shower cap after brushing and combing.

This home remedy also helps in managing healthy skin, nails and eyelashes.

Eat Proteins

Flax seed oil and B vitamins makes your hair soft and shiny. But always shampoo after application, and before applying hair cream.

Use rubber bands.

Use hair conditioner in case of hair damage.

Eat fruits, nuts and organic meat to keep a long hair healthy.

Almond and Olive Oil

Mix the two with hair roots spray in a container. Shake for 10 minutes and apply. You can also include leave-in-conditioner in the bottle.

Avocado oil and honey.

Mix honey and avocado oil with shampoo and put on the hair. Let it stay all night or 4 hours at least during the day.

Repeat 3 times a week for 3 weeks to see your hair grow longer like a weed and healthy.

Managing Hair to Make It longer

Put your hair in a braid at least once every weekend. The pulling is important to make the hair longer and straighter.

Deficiency of zinc in the body directly cause impaired hair growth. Healthy growth of hair require a moderate or even high level of zinc maintenance.

As an important element in stress management, zinc can be determined through hair growth and also daily efficiency.

To help the synthetization of protiens needed for growing healthy nails, skin and hair foods that contain zinc are needed.

Rosemary Oil

Depending on the type of hair you have, rosemary oil alone will make your hair nourished as it grows naturally.

Prenatal vitamins and calcium.

You can find the supplement in any health store. Just make sure you follow the hair instruction on the label.

Things to Avoid While Growing Long Hair

Avoid over massaging.

Keep away from highly chemicalized hair creams and lotions.

Only use tested and proven methos of making your hair grow.

Do not apply creams that smell bad to your breath. Always seek comfort and good sleep.

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Castor oil application after Vinegar rinse is also stated as hair growth boosting method. Just mix a litre of water and 2 spoons of Vinegar. Wash the hair, dry and apply the castor oil.

A strong and healthy hair needs less effort and stress. Focus on enjoying as a way of grooming your hair. Only use essential oil for improving looks and enhancing beauty.