Raw Confession: 8 Things I Pretend To Hate, But Secretly Love


Do you have a secretive life, a second life that manifests whatever you love? Here's mine. Today's my confession day to all my readers. Something that's real about me, my life and what I love.

Here are the things I pretend to hate but love them in my inner secretive heart.

1. High school/Secondary school

Although I was still growing and filled with faults and mistakes, high school was one of the memorable part of my teen life. I had wonderful friends, passed through alot of hurdles, troubles and still had fun along the way. There were challenges, bullies and hunger because it's a boarding school but high school was fun. I don't really hate it, although I pretend to hate even the memory.

hate love

2. Relationship.

Time to be real here. Everybody that knows me know how carefree I am about relationship. This might sound surprising to my readers since most of my post is about it. But hey, I was raised to believe being the "bad guy" and players is what being a real man demands. People love my life, just because I don't stress myself looking for a relationship or trying to be emotionally involved with a woman.

But here's my confession: am a pretender!

I really want to be in a relationship, a serious one for that matter. I want someone that will treat me right and tell me positive things when am down. I want someone I can share what I feel, someone that will feel what I feel. And that's relationship.

3. Taking pictures.

I am one of the most lucky photogenic guys in the world. I know this because I know how good I look in pictures. Deep within me I love cameras but I pretend to not hate it because most of my friends are not photogenic as I am and don't like taking pictures. In fact, I love taking pictures!

4. Blackberrys and Ipads

I've never used blackberry brand phone before. I really have this feeling about trend. I don't like using what everybody's using. I don't like following the crowd and be like everybody else. So I pretend to hate blackberry phones and continue to look for reasons to hate it the more. But deep within me, I swear I love the phone. It has amazing features.

And Ipad....mehn I love that flat gadget. You know why I pretend to hate it, because I feel like the type of guy who suppose to NOT like the stuff. Crazy crazy!

5. Gossip.

Here comes another bomb. I hate it when I can't know what has happened to her and how she handled the situation when her life seems crazy. I hate it when people say they hate gossip and don't have to talk about IT. But I just have to pretend that I also hate gossip.

I value information, and information can only be shared sometimes through lowered voices.

haters gonna hate

5. My kid brothers' playful life

I really missed being a child. But this is an adult age and we have to be adults. We no longer watch cartoons, we no longer hug dulls, not even make play-house. It's crazy, but those things are fun, make you feel relaxed just like a child. Adulthood said that I have to hate it, so I pretend to hate it.

6. Facebook.

Can you name a facebook addicts you know? Add me in your list. Yes I love facebook but sometimes I have to pretend to hate it so that I won't look like a introverted lonely heart.

7. My Crush

I criticize her looks and my friends join me on doing that. I would like to be recognized by her, and be in love with her because I LOVE HER, right? But I pretend to hate even her, because people label me as the free-a** guy that don't bother about relationship.

8. Romance.

Romance. I love it but I'm rough on girls and pretend to be giving them a favour.

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