What does it mean when your gums bleed while brushing your teeth

Lolzz, I've never written any physical health related article for over a month and don't want to do that this year but this particular question seem to be popping out among my list. And I think yes, am going to write about it.

What does it mean when your gums bleed while brushing your teeth....

Gums usually bleed when it's irritated or scratched but sometimes people who don't clean their gums regularly experience the worst gum bleeding. Let's take them one by one...

1. Gum bleeding caused by irritation and scratches.

The skin around the teeth is very delicate in that it can easliy get irritated during cleaning. When it's irritated or scratched, bleeding might occur, which can be controlled with a few cool water gargling.

2. Gum bleeding caused by tough/wrong toothbrush

Tough toothbrushes are good for tough and complex tooth settings but not so good to the gums. When you realize that you need tough toothbrush to clean your teeth, just make sure you employ good cleaning method to avoid irritating your gums.

3. Gum bleeding caused by using the wrong method of cleaning.

You might have been using the nicest recommended toothbrush in town, but obviously, the way you're cleaning your teeth might affect the well being of your gum. It's either you're going hard on the gums or you're not cleaning the teeth very well, which causes it to bleed when slightly touched. Try different angles to find the most favourable method to clean up bacterias.

4. Gum bleeding caused by irregular cleaning and tendering.

The teeth and gum is always wet and therefore needs a regular cleaning and caring. Some people feel totally comfortable brushing their teeths once a day and live like that. Others might start to feel the need to do it twice and even thrice. You need to understand when and how many times you are to brush your teeth in order to keep free from bacterial growth.

5. Gum bleeding caused by infection.

The common infection is gingivitis. This is a bacterial infection which can contribute in making your gum very fragile. Gingivitis can be recognized by redness in gums and other unusual changes.

It's very good to check your teeth and gums on the mirror, time to time in order to recognize changes easlily. Gums bleeding while brushing might not mean anything serious but when it becomes so intense and doesn't stop easily even after brushing, you might need to set an appointment with your doctor.