5 Warning Signs That You're Developing the Gay Mindset


Contrary to the new age beliefs, homosexuality is not something a person is born with.

It's something that come into your life due to the culture of your surrounding, friends (and it doesn't matter whether they're bisexual or not) family settings, relationship exposure and other incredible influential social factors.

On this article am going to explore the top 5 warning signs that you might be developing the "bisexual" mindset. Yes, it starts from the mind before the body will react as impulse transmutation as urge.

And when the bi-mindset develops fully, many find it difficult to think otherwise, which makes many analyzers to conclude that it's a thing of nature.

Let's look at the golden warning signs.

gay marriage

1. The oversexual mindset.

You think about sex all the time.

You've explored everything explorable about all kinky fantasies and adventures.

Now you think you've reached a wall, a stage of new exploration.

You're starting to become creative in your exploration.

By this time, you're close to trying it the "otherway" since your mindset is oriented to trying new things.

New thing can be everything, and if possible you'd like to try anything.

sexual attraction

2. Over-admirance of the opposite gender's dressing.

You're a man but you're very interested in how women's dress fit.

Your admirance becomes intense and obsessive that deep within your mind, you're starting to feel overwhelmed about how and why you can't dress like them.

A wish to dress like them.

As the wish developes, your mindset gets inclined to finding opportunity to do more, which always results to....

sexual activity

3. Becoming more curious about why the opposite gender attracts your gender.

Everybody wonders about how nature works.

How we automatically attract the opposite gender and how the opposite gender attracts us.

Yes, this has to do with features and behaviours.

And it's natural!

But a mind vulnerable to bi-sexuality becomes intensively interested and jealous of how the opposite gender is very attractive to his gender, which can bring about a quest on how to drive the attention back to himself/herself.

These thoughts, when got intense, stimulate behaviour, blending impulses to look alike and very close to the opposite sexes openly or secretely.

So when it comes to relationship, the person experiencing such change may also become less attracted to the opposite gender;

Subconsciously assuming that he/she are now feeling the same thing and have to "competite" to attract a particular gender.

gay marriage women kissing

4. Behavioural

From a practical view, men/women that exhibit feminine behaviour are more likly to become bi-sexual.

But this also got to do with the society you grow, friends and exposure.

Male kids that have mainly female siblings tend to exhibit feminine behaviour, and when supported by a society that encourages sexual exploration as a whole, they tend not to be able to stand as men, which as a result might resolve to "act to impress"--a practical developement of the gay mindset.

sexual behavior

5. Being emotionally attached to same gender.

This might sound random and theoretical, but certainly we are living in a society that is corrupted and filled with weird feelings.

We're filled with knowledge of the incredible things happening around us and exposed to trying anything.

We all know that relationship is all about being emotionally attached to someone, which naturally leads to sexual intimacy.

Now, being very emotionally attached to someone in a way that you can talk heart-to-heart with that person about almost everything have a funny way of affecting your mindset.

The world is corrupted!

This mostly happens among women.

Women that are deprived the vital emotional company of a man usually fall into this influence.

Lonely women that lack emotional and sexual satisfaction.

And mostly, older women that feel like something is missing in their lives.

So, loneliness and sex deprivation can make you vulnerable, to be easily influenced by the "alternative" thoughts of same-gender intimacy.

These are signs you must be aware of to stay on guard against the gay influence!

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