How to Get a Girl to Open up to You when You're a Guy (in 1 min)

Ask her. It means a lot.

Asking her means you care about her. It's the best way to get a girl to open up, when done at a proper time and in a relevant circumstance.

Don't pressure the girl, she might not tell you anything. Be patient and never go hustling for information. Instead, calm down and ask a question at a time.

Tell her more about you.

In a normal sense, except she has something to hide or she's not so interested in you, telling her about yourself is a sure-fire way to get a girl to open up. Telling her more about you will make her trust you, increasing the intensity of her interest in you, which automatically demands her to talk about herself if she wants to also know even more about you. [Learn: how to get her interested. Opens in a new window.]

Do not be aggressive or forceful. It's a big turn off. No, not to her, to others!

Teasing and bullying makes you mean. No reasonable girl would like to open up to a jerk. It's very unattractive and childish.

Establish honesty in your relationship. Tell her you just want her to open up a bit and you like your relationship to be moving progressively. Be honest with yourself and your demands. [Learn: how to establish honesty in your relationships. Opens in a new window]

Be nice and take it slow. A good relationship is established at a slow pace.

Do not intrude her private space. Respect her privacy and personal belongings.

Never ever ask her questions about her weight or virginity and you shall be fine.