How to deal with unknown fears

The first step to overcoming fear is facing the source at it's height. But what about the unknown fears?

You are sitted in the middle of your room and all shivering without any reason?

You feel like every step you take might be a failure and even though you try to think about better things, the negative energy don't seem to give way.

Developing the fear of unknown fears

In the tackling process of overcomimg fears, we either ignore, face them, or develop a strienght that are sure to surpass the intensity of the reality of sych fear.

Developing a fear against fear of the unknown is an effective way of ignoring the consistent thoughts of failure. You develop fear for the fearful thoughts and gradually, those fearful thoughts are going to fade from your mind.

Skills improvement.

First off, you need to develop your coping skills through a proper emotional intelligency actualization. Then you start building a wall aroind you to overcome the possibility of that thing happening for real.

For example, a guy who fears that someone might attack him anywhere needs to hire a bodyguard to keep that fear at bay. Knowing that we're talking about unknown fears, when he spent 2 to 3 months with the hired bodyguard without any harming physical attempt, his mind will be free from the unknown to the safety of his reality.

A student who thinks about failure either financially or academically should try and build a wall protecting himself from the occurrence of the tragedy. Academic failure can be obviously overcomed through a well planned study sessions. Financial failure, in which a student is capable of acknowledging, can be easily overcomed if the student is willing to work hard in developing other skills in order to earn while studying.

Unknown fears can be easily checked through proper self-actualization and realistic planning. Surrounding yourself with positive people can also make a big impact against all negative thoughts.

Surround yourself with friends who talk 'hope' when others talk 'hopeless' and who talk peace when others talk pieces. Positivity is the key to the store of peace and hope, a weapon against all kinds of insecurities.