Dead Men Walking: Why You Shouldn't Assume Things Will Work Out On Their Own

If you're living a life where you mainly focus on time for your happiness, then your situation is highly disastrous.

The delusionals are the people that wait for life to happen. But you know what? Life doesn't really happen to them.

That's why we have some millions of dozens of dead men and women walking in our streets, in the offices and even among our actors and actresses.

The goodnews is, these dead men and women can be resurrected without much effort.

The action point...

Instead of just observing something, starting something leads to a greater satisfaction.

Am talking about relationship and career!

Just the way we can't remain young indefinitely, there's always a need that we should've start something yestarday.

This is not a case of raising regrets in your imaginations, but a fact that recommends the need to start NOW!

Are you confident of your career?

Compare your dreams and what you are right now. What are you doing daily in favour of your vision?

What are you doing in favour of your dream husband/wife?

There's a need to start something, just anything.

Careers take work. Dreams take even more.

The journey is on. But when you don't start something now, you might get to the test spot unprepared.

If you need to improve your skills, do it. Saying it doesn't change it, but doing it.

You'll never get to where you want to be if you're treating your goals like the way you treat any halfhearted hobby.

You only get to the top when goals become plans, and plans become a part of life.

You're not too young. In fact, the younger you start, the higher you go. Start working things out, now that you're single. Start working things out, now that you don't have much responsibilities.

Time only gives chances and opportunities, then you work things.

You don't wait for time because time is always on the run.

When you're dreaming of a lover, and don't do the relevant thing to get one, you're among the walking dead men and women.

Life's not a movie. You're different, learn to get a life.

Destiny cannot settle things. You make the destiny. And if you're still waiting for destiny's action, you're delusional.

They key: make everything in favour of your interest.

Just the way you can't buy fish in the goat market, you can't find a truly truly real love in the basketball team if you hate sports.

The fact doesn't have a strong ground, but what we're trying to understand here is the need to embrace only the things we enjoy when we do them. This is important in order to keep the passion in your love life burning for as long as you live.

The more love you have for your career, the better you perform, and the longer the better.

If you know you're not going to get rich overnight, you should also know that you don't become one of a kind overnight. This brings about the need for daily self-improvement to prepare yourself toward a really considerate achievement. Just as you prepare you for higher pay in the future, prepare you for better relationship for you and for those that deserve the better you.

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