8-step guide to academic excellence: how to Gain the motivation to do well in school

Acknowledge the impact of achange and embrace it. Admit you have to change your method of study, lifestyle and attitude toward your studies, then you can leverage the motivation strategies below.

Get organized. Begine by having everything in written. Starting from your class dates and time, to your reading times and locations, having everything in written gets you started timely.

Eat healthy foods and exercise. Your health makes a big impact on your motivation, negative ot positive. No motivation strategy would work when your health is not motivating. Try to make yourself feel the ease of healthy life by doing the healthy things.

Never listen to the negative thoughts and pressures. If you're facing challenges from friends or families, never ever let yourself be condemned as a failure. Raise on your feet! Believe that you can always do without anyone that tries to say NO to your YES. Be strong and courageous. Do not try to amend a relationship that was not broken by you. Never ever attempt to impress no one by letting go of your priorities. Real love flows with respect, and respect is gained through personal achievement. Focus on your goal now, and the love and respect shall come begging for you.

Get a serious study buddy. If possible, someone smarter than you are. Find people you can share ideas, learn reading skills and motivation.

Take school as an adventure. It's stage of life to learn and explore. Develop a love for your courses. Do not restrict yourself to reading alone, be in the sports and other school activities. Study alone, without fun, dulls the minddd.

Set your study time just before something you love doing. It's like rewarding yourself after studying. You know that you always have a price after study.

Let go of the old you. Look at yourself. You're not as you were: your looks, knowledge, attitude, lifestyle, etc. Think like the new you. Old things never makes no one smile and guiltless. In fact, get rid of anything that makes you remember the old you, then live in the presence.