How To Increase Creativity and Innovation - Enhance Creativity

In order to be more creative in thinking you have to start reading challenging books. Stay attached to new experiences, fuel your enthusiasm with a positive physical compulsion. It doesn't matter how obsessed you might look, you don't have a disorder, your creativity boosters are there.

Start solving problems using mental skills rather than borrowed intuition and beliefs. Focus on increasing your knowledge or skills relating to your career. The main secrete to developing creativity is exposure to many ideas, when filled, you can be creative in making decisions, as you've got the hint of every idea.

Do creative things. For example, if you want to become a creative writer you must start testing your creativity now. If your fantasy is art creativity, why not take a paint and start drawing.

Creativity cannot come as the cloud gather neither creative thinking reigns like a rain drop and goes due season, you develop it, have it, use it whenever needed.

Charge your brain. Let me tell you something, your brain does not need the rest you think you're giving it. Charge it up with creative thoughts, either fantasy or goals.

Avoid doing brain sucking activities like alcoholism or staying too long on tv.

In order to be more creative in thinking you need to increase your intelligence and how do you do that....develop your brain.

Understand your weak and creative times. Morning or late night? Use those times for your creative things and sleep well before or after everything's done.

How to be more creative in thinking: think out of the box. This means that you should not take everything too seriously. Try not to be careful or too nervous to explore every side of anything. You are free to present your ideas. Every personal perspective is unique...but both have some questions to answer. Those are your brain crackers....allowing you to boost your creativity....which brings you to be more creative in thinking.