How I Got Rid Of A Roache In A Few Seconds

American cockroach

Ha. I've never thought before that cockroaches could be this scary.

Just doing my deep thinking when I heard some noises. Switching the torch, I saw an american Roache approaching my it's drunk. May be Roaches have stated taking extra wine or is it the coolness.

I guess it might be, for my research about this little scary pest shows that they love warm and damp environment. Alas, my environment is neither warm nor moist. Am opposite of roaches inhabitation.

cyborg cockroach

This winter has come with it's blessings, revelation and many knowledge and experiences to educate the one in need.

Roaches are pests and we must strive to keep them out of our bedrooms.

german cockroach

As this big red mad cockroach approach my bed area, all I did was to stand without any idea in mind. I WAS looking for slippers when I saw a broom, wanting to pick it up, I end up hitting the cockroach with my slipper-half shoe. Awkward right?

Big cockroach

I just killed a cockroach using my shoe, just in case you've got one around the corner right now.