How to Have a Dream You Can Control


There are various ways to lucid dreams but the most important part is the ability to stay aware and alert. The ability to create awareness subconsciously when awake. It takes a greater understanding of self and proper adjustment in relaxation methods.

How to have a dream you can control - realization

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Sleep early and keep journal of all your dreams. Doing this you will realize some variations and relation in your night dreams which would make you even more aware of the type of dream you're likely to have each day. And to qualify yourself how to have a dream you can control, you need first to create the ability to remember dreams.

Learning how to have a dream you can control through the implementation of dream record creates the ability of creative visualization to certain extent. It gives the sense of self knowledge and deep relaxation during sleep. In the long run, it also gives this sense of expectancy which when on the start of the dream, your subconscious will hint your person that you're having a dream.

Good night sweet dreams

Remember, this might work according to faith and works. This brings us to the second step how to have a dream you can control after self awareness, self discovery, sensitivity and clear mind visioning.

How to have a dream you can control - mantra

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Obviously, mantra is this word or sentence you repeat either loudly or in your mind to get your going. It helps you to create a mindset in a direction you crave, self confidence, and self assurance as the word is being repeated over and over.

So obviously you'd like to know how to have a dream you can control using mantra. Have you ever dream and in that dream you're telling yourself "this is just a dream" or "am I dreaming"? Surely this usually happens during nightmares or other weird dream scenarious.

If not, whenever weird things happens to you or around you, just say "am I dreaming" or "this is just a dreaming" to create thus mindset during the real dream. The latter has worked for me so that would be my first intuitive advice when someone ask me how to have a dream you can control every moment. Just remember, you can do alot of mantra just the way you choose.

How to have a dream you can control - lifestyle

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Many times it takes a particular lifestyle to achieve something particular. It takes a lifestyle of a real dreamer in order to have a better experience how to have a dream you can control.

Have you ever daydream. I know daydream can be for idle people but it has some benefits that most of the creative individuals are fond of filling their world with fantasies. How to have a dream you can control: daydream lots of the time even when you can lucid dream. If you're used to daydreaming, luciding night dream can't be so hard.

Increase your chance of dreaming more every night by getting yourself very tired before bed. Even more how to have a dream you can control, you must get rid of obvious distractions like alarm or bad bedding in order to experience a not less than 30 minutes dream. The longer your dreams, the more likely to have a dream you can control and the more likely you can become a movie writer.