How to Develop Your Mind and Memory

Mind development does not only come from learning or being subjective to particular actualization. The mind and memory develops gradually as years increase due to experiences, both good and bad. Thus as the brain grows, there are things we do that effect the nature of our memory positively and negatively. Obviously, the negative stands for mental retardation or dullness and the positive stands for mind and memory development.

In this short article we are going to look at brain boosters and brain drainers and then note the best way we can adjust our daily lives. In order to develop your mind and memory you need to consider avoiding and introducing new lifestyle.

How to develop your mind and memory - Causes of Brain Dullness

In this section, we are going to hint the causes of dullness and how you can pull yourself out of the cycle in order to let your mind and memory develop without stunting.

1. Sleeping with bright light. Students must avoid sleeping with bright lights on to let the mind develop. Bright lights weakens the brain power which as a consequence, brings about dullness. Sleeping in the dark is your best how to develop your mind and memory in this case.

2. Skipping Of Breakfast: studies show that most students who skip breakfast become inefficient in solving problems involving mathematics, good conversational skills and in recalling things. On the other hand, students that eat breakfast were found to be more intelligent academically. So skipping breakfast can bring about poor performance of the brain, being stunted by hunger.

3. Sleep deficit: Sleep deprivation causes alot of trouble to the mind and memory. It is when sleeping that the brain horns information. 8 hours sleep is needed every night. If you want to develop your mind and memory, sleep late to wake up late or sleep early to wake up early. Any shortage of sleep stands as a cause to mental retardation.

4. Intake of Excess Carbon Monoxide: Can I say smokers are dull? Definitely. Carbon monoxide impairs the brain potential. And even if you're not a smoker don't say you're saved. Remember, the same carbon monoxide comes from kerosene stove, lit mosquito coils and that small standby generator.

5. Iron Deficiency. Go and look for foods that contain iron and eat once a week. That's enough to keep you healthy.

6. Anger, Bitterness and Resentment Retained Inside. It's like you're living in bondage. Release yourself and let your brain rest of the stressing resentment within in order to develop your mind and memory.

7. Promiscuity in school dulls students brain power. An experiment was carried out and the result shows that students who involve in romance and other sexual relationships score less. This is because romance needs your whole attention, in which with time can contribute in retarding your mind. In order to develop your mind and memory, you need to avoid including romance or the general promiscuity in your career.

8. Overconfidence. This is an obvious but big enemy of the mind. It brings about lack of proper attention, incompetence, then the mind and memory become relaxed.

9. Preference on paper qualification syndrome. You know what I mean.

10. Extra chromosome.

How to develop your mind and memory, what to eat

In summary, take much honey, water, glucose and garlic. You don't have to take much of this foods but how to develop your mind and memory, you can take garlic once a day, just some ideas.

Practice deep breathing.

Drink coffee. Take vitamin B foods.

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