How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection In Sales

Fear of rejection in sales starts from little doubt, builds up to some scary feelings, leading to fear of cold calling.

First off, you need to realize that your FEAR of rejection in sales is something you have to deal with psychologically and not in the physical. It does not exist physically, fear is a mind struggle.

The simplest way to solve the problem is to do it. Yes, a "just do it" self-improvement. Familiarity is your big friend in overcoming nerves concerning sales and marketing.

This improves your skills and automatically teach you how to deal with particular types of individuals or market. While doing it, expect rejection, accept rejection, it is a normal and usual action of people towards products or services. So there's no regret, just concentrate on what you'll get in the future by encouraging your customers positively.

Acknowledge the fact that...

If rejection happens, it can't be your fault.

Improve your sales skills, and avoid the belief that you must suffer in order to succeed. You must work hard, not suffer in the hands of client.

Stay between the aggressive you and the passive you. Be yourself while picturing the market or sales idea as you can -- a major tip to confidence in sales.

Determine to speak to customers just as you do with your friends. After all, they aren't some foreign gods.

Determine to target your client's problem, rather than the old-school business model.

Fear in general can be best overcomed by daily consistent practice of positive thinking. Be positive to yourself physically and mentally. Avoid yoga meditation, it doesn't help long-term. Natural positive thinking and the expectance of positive, assuringly towards your whole business is a sure way to overcome fear of rejection in sales by yourself.