How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection In Relationships

What comes after rejection in relationship? Loneliness, embarrassment, lowered self-esteem etc. Your happiness i.e satisfaction does not suppose to be primarily from people's approval.

The only way to overcome fear of rejection in relationship is to be yourself and love what yourself, and love what you are doing for yourself.

Occupy your mind with positive goals--thoughts for positive accomplishment--this career-like goal should be the center of your thoughts rather than relationship issues.

Realize that people have to love you just the way you are and be assured they will.

If you don't have any other priority other than relationship, you'll definitely not find it easy to cope with fears of rejection. Because other strong method to overcome those fears is assertiveness, and assertiveness cannot be imposed when there's no respect--your first priority in life is the first reason why people will respect your personality and in turn, love you, accepting every other thing about you.

You overcome the fear of rejection when you know, there's no reason for rejection. And even if you're rejected by an individual, many will love you more than ever.

Second VIEW to overcoming fear of rejection in relationship.

The second way you can overcome fear of rejection is to look into those fears--converting them into boldness and assurance. But how?

Fear is a natural feeling that alerts or predicts some negative outcome in our endeavours. Many fears are unknown while others are very important to let us adjust, in order to circumvent a future negative situation.

Can you find a reason for your fear of rejection? Look into those fears, write some of the reasons for your fears and you might find it easier to overcome by tackling the "reasons."

But once you can't find a reason for your fears, get confident and face the reality of no rejection. This calls for the application of the first method in case!

Third Master Tip to overcome fear of rejection in a relationship

Positive Expectancy. How do you create positive expectancy in a seemingly negative environment? Face the environment positively.

Sometimes even negative people succumb to positive approach and treat you positively. So act positively in your relationship and do not ever ever use actions or words to interprete rejection. Assure yourself the positive and it shall always be.

Some facts to consider...

You cannot fault it all the time.

Do not let your beliefs influence your behaviour.

Act positively toward your fears and the object of your fears.

Always think and focus on what you want, not what you don't want.

Don't be paranoid, it might be the cause of your doubting relationship.

Do not reject, and you won't fear rejection.