How To Help Someone With Depression Who Doesn't Want Help

A depressed girl

Do not push help on someone with depression or you may add to their stress.

Isolation or a desire to be free (suicidal) is one of the symptoms of chronic depression.

So to help someone with depression who doesn't want help you need to watch from afar. Suggest a help, may be the hospital or invite a consultant.

A depressed girl isolate herself

Be ready to call the emergency center whenever he or she started to react. The need for isolation means hopelessness in terms of one's feelings.

This means negative thoughts have taken over their mind.

Provide banana fruit and lots of Vitamin D to a person with depression. From a testimony, it works to reduce the bad feelings.

If they don't accept anything, do let them know the health dangers of helplessness in depression.

When they start to give head, encourage them skillfully and direct them to the hospital for better depression treatment.

Do not fight or argue with someone with depression. Listen to the negative words but respond positively and firm.

A depressed girl crying

Make a courage to get them out to the sunlight. It helps to clear out some cobwebs, since you're dealing with someone with mental illness.

Doing things like exercise and other hobbies together with someone with depression who doesn't want help can automatically persuade his bad thoughts.

Lastly, the best way to help someone with depression who doesn't want help is through prayer.

We can't deny the fact that prayer is the key to all problems.

A prayer with faith in Christ can heal the mental illness of depression. Once you believe, you recieve.

Make sure you encourage all family members to do the same in order to help your fellow out of depression and anxiety.