How To Help Someone With Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety is caused by stress usually in individuals witt less stress coping skills.

When the mind is stress, the body response. Which brought about an experience called anxiety attack. Since everybody can be stressed, the most important thing to do when someone is having an anxiety attack is to teach him or her how to cope with stressing thoughts.

In the other hand here are things to do in emergency anxiety attack...

Isolate the person in a quiet and calm place.

Assure the individual with panic disorder that he or she is safe and secured. Most anxiety attacks triggered by fear and insecurities. So reassuring the individual can help. When the person is conscious and calm. Counsel him or her heart to heart.

Let them talk about themselves without interruption.

Support them in all obvious emotional aspect of life.

You might even ask about their family background, friends, career etc. which can help figure out if that individual is suffering from some deprivation, pressure, abuse or social dominance.

All in all, the problem of an individual suffering from anxiety attack most be financial, emotional, social or spiritual. Medicines help in a great way but tackling the underground problem is the best way to help someone with anxiety attack.

Someone with anxiety and panic attacks under pressure may need some independence.

Anxiety and panic attacks are often worsened when the individual adopt some traumatic thinking styles, directed to self pity and self condemnation.

A psychotherapy might be needed in terms of negative thoughts.

The aim would be to think about the way of solving problems and the progress made so far rather than self pity and regrets.

This therapy needs the concentration of the person suffering from anxiety and panic attacks in succumbing to the process. It can also involve self awareness, change of instincts and the elimination of unimportant stuffs out of one's life.

Things to consider...

Avoid physical and mental stress.

Intuitive assurance is vital.

Avoid drugs and alcohol to relieve stressing thoughts, it worsens.

Lastly, advice anybody with anxiety and panic attacks to avoid idleness as much as possible. In fact, the person should keep everything aside and concentrate on socialization. Increased social experiences can give you and the person with anxiety and panic attacks some hints of obvious self improvements and actions to take.