How To Deal With Someone that Has Trust Issues


People that have trust issues are mostly past victims of bad experiences involving relationship or business.

Someone with a paranoid personality trait don't trust things, even themselves and always seek reasons to verify their lack of trust.

Instead of finding evidence to make them belief, they seek for reasons to make their disbelief firm.

Trust issues can be promoted to paranoid personality disorder if not dealt with properly.

Here are things to consider in dealing with someone that has trust issues...

In a simplified form, if your loved one doesn't trust you anymore, the best action to take is to win back their trust.

Transparency, respect and classic involvement in every issue in and outside your relationship can take care of the trust issues between the two.

People with trust issues sometimes only need some assurance and reasons to believe bigger than reasons not to be believe.

Again, insecurities can be tackled by reassurance and experimental perfection opposing the untrusting mentality.

If you want someone to trust you, have patience and kindness. Some people can't recover from bad memories, which makes them slow in trusting people. Time is everything, just be yourself.

Be consistent, listen and be a friend instead of trying to fix a problem or the other.

Advice your loved one to give up drugs before they become addicted. But if it does become a addiction, you need to take a step further to tackle addiction problem as well.

In a relationship, a quick way to pull down the wall of trust issues is to open up. Do not just be a good listener. Learn to give some information and be sincere about it.

Be close and show off your compatibilities in order to deal with someone that has trust issues. Accept them, don't try to fix them.