An Advice to VIRTAPAY Users - How to Make Millions Of Money Afterwards

I got pushed and activitated when I read a message sent by a VIRTAPAY user to my facebook profile "hi friend how can i withdraw from my virtapay account how is it possible?

I've ignored more than hundred of this type of message but I decided to answer today. Here's my reply. I've got many things to get across. Please read to the end. Add me on facebook

It has taken time, and it may take alot more time.

I had same hope on virtapay in the first place (more than 15 months back) but I realized how foolish I was to even believe or rather HOPE that someone will give me RAW CASH (thousands of dollars) by just visiting a site.

It can't be possible in the internet world! There's no gain and no business can be built as this. Wait first! Where are they going to get the money?

SINCERELY, If you want to make money ONLINE you MUST invest your time in learning either affiliate marketing, effective blogging, search engine article writing or viral marketing. One out of two must happen if you want to make LEGITIMATE and DESERVED money: You Must Sell or Concentrate on creating VALUE through various means as opportuned.

Where will the money come from? It must be from an individual or two or thousands or millions. All that matters is to have a value if you cannot sell (or don't want to learn how to sell), if you can make money.

Invest time in learning and improvement of your skills. Work and you'll earn, there's no shortcut to success.

VIRTAPAY may end up as it is! Do you think it is possible to withdraw real money from VIRTAPAY?

So if you can spend at least 4 hours a day online, then why wasting your time on facebook or even, VIRTAPAY? Learn some online marketing skills. Use google search if you have questions. ASK ME if you can't find one.

It never hurts to try. Nobody is born a professional. We All Learn. But before you learn you must be determined, self-discipline and focused on your goal.


I'm not a native English speaker. Besides, I don't talk in English with my friends or relations but I learned how to write an article online with optimism and determination.

For example, I had less than just 40 page views in march on my other blog but made it up to 3,000 page views by september, until when I became so sick by august. I've made €150 with adsense in september. Now, am recovering with more determination to make it as a writer.

Remember, I've learnt English together with writing within some months (I can't remember. May be 6 or more) and I'm still learning. Am doing it while learning it--the best way to improve every skill.

I've said alot but I have to admit that Laziness and Procrastination can ruin your dreams and goal. I've suffered from procrastination many times, but am trying to improve and still keep on improving. Life is all about this. Let's work together and make ourselves the people we want see.

I have "little" number of readers on this blog right now but my determination is to grow them to thousands (which means more money) in 6 months time, and I have great faith that it shall come to pass.

Just take a step. Move yourself to that success--you're responsible. If you want to be seen, stay where the seeker seeks.

In conclusion...

I knew I could make money by myself apart from VIRTAPAY or PPC sites and I've proved this to myself. Why not create that goal, you might be more skilled and opportuned than me.

You know what? I don't have a computer yet, am typing this using a mobile phone in a remote, violent area, no electricity, scarce internet network, but still determined. Why not you?

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