How To Wake Up In the Morning Without Being Tired

How to wake up in the morning without being tired??

Do not go to bed with an empty stomach. Eat starchy and fat foods and drink lots of water. This improves the flow of blood and helps in maintaining a considerable metabolic reaction which in turn makes the 8 hour relaxation healthier.

Go to bed early. Make sure that you have 8 hours sleep.

Good pillow and bed posture is important. Learn to switch your sleeping positions from time to time.

Set a goal and an alarm. Put the alarm at the other side of the room. This technique helps to distract your sub-conscience--a part of your mind that play a big role in nerve analysis.

Do some stretches, yell, shout! Start singing your favourite song to shake off.

Do not over sleep. Wake up by 6 or 5. When the sun arise, you become weak.

When you wake up on your own (without any alarm), lay calm on the bed for some minutes. This is a very creative time. The day might be more wonderful and fulfilling.

Another way to wake up in the morning without being tired is by exercising before going to bed. When sleep becomes relaxation, there's no reason for tiredness in the morning.