How To Know If You're a Local Person

1. If you wake up in the morning and all you do to wash your mouth is chewing stick instead of using tooth brush.

2. When you are used to eating soup, or meat.

3. When you prefer sleeping on the mat rather than matress.

4. When you prefer ogi, akamu, pap, to hot tea.

6. If you call mineral instead of coca cola or fanta.

7. If you call all noodles indomie

8. If you ask for Guguru instead of Popcorn.

9. If Omo Ghetto sound track is your ring tone.

10. If you prefer Ogogoro to Champagne.

11. If you use broom as a tooth pick.

12. If Toyota logo is at the back of your jeans.

13. If Wizkid mentioned your name in Pakurumo.

14. If you adjust your undies while walking.

15. If you say YEH! instead of OUCH.

16. If you use padlock to lock your Fridge.

17. If Africa Magic is your favourite channel.

18. If you eat bread and akara with seven up on top and pure water. You need deliverance because locality don finish you !!!