Man's Only Hope is to Turn to God

Judah is overtaken by severe drought and famine in Jeremiah 14 v 1 - 6 to 22 with devastating consequences.
As usual, when they are distressed, the people cried out to God. But God rejected their plea because they did not repent; they merely wanted His rescue.
Not even Jeremiah's helped. Their only hope was to turn to God!

The people listen to the false prophets. Why? These "prophets" said what the people wanted to hear which further led them away from God.
If we encourage fals teachers we are as guilty as them.

Jeremiah asked God if Judah's repentance would bring His help. But God refused.
Why? Read vs. 10 - 11.
They knew He wanted to bless them; they also knew what they must do to recieve that blessing.
They wanted God to do His part, but they did not want to do theirs.

It is easy to express sorrow for wrong actions especially when we want something. But we must stop doing what is wrong.
God will forgive those who truly repent.
Hypocrites will be seriously punished.

SO: Man's only hope is to turn to God!

SOURCE: 2012 Daily Guide, FCS.