Rambles to Follow the Precepts of My Life

Now I learn to follow my own precepts corner by corner. I understood how following someone's decision is so destroyable and can ruin future plans including life investment sources.
It is so horrible that I don't even know where to start worrying about this issue, am not hopeless, neither am I worthless, but it is an investment - a life investments - more than two years on work and very secured.
I don't lost all my believes, but Atleast it has shaked my dreams, liberty and strong endeavour to follow your personal precepts, yes no matter how risky or dangerous it might be, taking risk is part of life as everything has to start with danger. Me and my person know how collateral and strong our bones and minds are! We are balanced from each side of the "faith" but my heart trembles in doubt because of the obstacles generated wilt upon the nervousness through the physical environment. Yes, I don't need to doubt my decisions, yes my precepts is the best, for I seek wisdom from my father in heaven, who answered me by adding more surplus of knowledge and understanding on my mind not because am wise to ask or my righteousness to pay, but God's love and faithfulness towards mankind like me.
Same trip, same life, same mind, same dream and same hope, atleast the days are running above the rim, straining my body and soul to think otherwise and waying life the harder way, yes am talking about struggles and struggles.
Oh, all this talks was uttered just because I followed someone's precepts and forgot about my plans of taking a risky way to my greatness and simplicity. The more I write the more pressure fall on me, the same thing I talk about, today, tomorrow, I might come back with some voices of sanity, i.e when I won the battle against the enemy of progress and simplicity.
Yes, Am going to use my knowledge to interprete my dreams, the fastest and cute way, following the story of life and experiencing the hot scene and measures and gravity and victory.