Confession: I Hate Being Touched, Especially By My Kids

Everyone needs a little 'me' time.
I don't particularly enjoy having another body close to mine unless it's on my terms. I rather enjoy my personal space and while I fully admit to being a hugger, I don't particularly enjoy it when a stranger presses their body against me in public. It's become a lot worse in the last several years, to the point I can't even enjoy a walk through Times Square because of all the touching. Subways? Nope. Large crowds? Strong pass. Invade my space on an airplane? GAH. It's not even the germs, the smell, or the risk of pick-pockets. It's just that I don't like to be touched, period. (Also, there might be a tiny underlying fear about being caught in a stampede.)
My fear of being touched manifests itself in interesting lifestylechoices. For instance, I only go to male gynecologists because they get in, do their job, get out. Every female gynecologist I've been to seems to think "Oh, hey. I have one of these! We're in the sisterhood of vaginas so I'm just going to touch you all over your legs in an effort to be calming and comforting!" when all it really does is traumatize me.
Before you think, "YOUR POOR HUSBAND!" I assure you he is in his own class. He can touch me. He can touch me all day (and all night!) long without any problems. He knows me well enough to know where, when, and how to touch what. I also have a best friend who happens to be the snuggliest best friend in the world. My husband actually gets jealous sometimes when the two of us huddle up together watching movies on the couch.