How Being A New Couple At A Party Can Be Really Awkward

Let's face it. The relationship isn't real until you meet your partner's friends.
Going to that first party together is the make or break time in any new relationship.

When you are dating someone, it sometimes feels like the relationship isn't real until you meet their friends.

Even though meeting all of these people is scary, it still has to be done.

These things that you'll experience when you are a new couple pretty much just tip the iceberg:
Before going to the party, I suggest you do some research on your boyfriend or girlfriend’s friends because the last thing you want to do is forget what someone does for a living or, even worse, their name.

You don’t want to make an enemy after three minutes of meeting someone—especially if they are close to someone you’re dating.

Also, get ready for that one friend who pulls you to the side to talk to you.

Trust me on this one

That friend is not your friend; they just want to let you know that if you ever hurt their friend, they will kill you (so watch your back).

Don't forget to be aware of the ex who your partner is still friends because that friend is clearly not over them yet.

There's no question that we can all relate to this video.

Be real—Either you are in the new relationship or you’re one of those weird friends.
Spoiler: It's more fun if you're the friend.