Why Reading Is One Of The Sexiest Things A Guy Can Do

"All the spines showed they'd been read multiple times. Biggest turn on," says Colleen, 30.
Several years ago my mother signed me up for a datingwebsite. She was, of course, very concerned about my ovaries that, at the age of 27, were clearly on their way to a rapid demise. I went along with her "gift," mostly to prove to her that I would not be finding loveonline and just so she’d shut up about my singlehood.
After filling out the dozens of questions, I was told that, of all the people in their database, there wasn't a singleperson for me. I was assured that once they found someone they'd let me know, and our love could begin to blossom. About a week later I received notification that they’d found someone for me: a guy in Texas who, among other disparaging qualities, thought that, "reading was boring." As a writer in New York City, this didn't fly with me, so I called the dating site and demanded they refund my mother immediately. Which they did.
Since reading, I think for most, is a real pleasure it's always been important to me to date fellow readers. I mean, who doesn’t want to get lost in a book from time to time?