3 Powerful Ways To Attract The Opposite Sex

Ever wondered what attracts the opposite sex? Some people just seem to have that irresistible x-factor. There are ones that walk into a room, turn heads, ooze confidence and sex appealwhile, there are others that you just find yourself attracted to the most even if their the unusual type like quirky individuals with less than perfect looks that have just something ever so special about them.
According to Buss (1988), one can employ the various tactics on three fundamental areas of action to ignite attraction:
1. Maintain A Good Appearance—Here, we are not saying that you should have forefront quality appearance in order to be attractive. There is no need for you to starve yourself to death or to have washboard abs in order to be attractive. You just have to make sure that your clothing, grooming and physical fitness is not shabby as they are essential in attraction. It just means you have good hygiene, smell good, have a nice hairstyle and keep a refresh wardrobe. It is also important to stay as healthy as possible; a healthy body means a healthy mind. The main rule is not to obsess about how you look but, make sure that you always look your best. If you look your best, you will attract the best.
2. Imbibe Positive Qualities—Attraction is not all about the physical qualities. Personality weighs as much as the physicals in the datingworld. To be more attractive, one has to have positive qualities ingrained in his personality. Remember when your mother told you that being kind will take you places? Well, that is true in this situation and so is being thoughtful, well-mannered and sympathetic. It will also help if you can make your date or partner laugh every now and then while keeping an optimistic air about you. You should always remember that a person who is pleasant, entertaining and positive is an attractive person. Positivity is sexy.
3. Get noticed—If you heeded my suggestions from numbers 1 and 2 then you are good to go. Thing is, you have to take note of the third and most important element in this list. Let’s say you already made sure you have a good appearance and kept a great personality, now will you just wait for the laws of attraction to do its thing? Absolutely not. You have to get yourself out there for the world to see. To build attraction, you have to go out and visit places that your potential mates might frequently be.