'The Walking Dead': 10 Reasons To Never Trust A Man With A Mullet

Here's why you should never ​fall in love with a man with a mullet. As if you needed more reasons.
Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Deadahead! If you lovethe show but aren't caught up, don't read this until you've had a DVR binge.
The Walking Dead has a new person for us to hate while we wait on Beth to come back (or not) from the hospital full of rapists and their apologists. Eugene Porter, who claimed to be working on the Human Genome Project and that he knew what caused the zombie outbreak, is a liar. And that should come as a surprise to no one, because when have you ever seen a mullet in med school?
Eugene lied to every singleone of his other survivors, all of whom, despite some skepticism (mostly from the flawless, fierce Sasha), were willing to help him get to Washington D.C. to save mankind and civilization as we know it. Because Eugene is basic. Actually, no, not even. "Basic" is too generous a term for someone who has a mullet. It's nearly impossible to love anyone with a mullet. Why? A mullet is horrific in and of itself, but a mullet is also a symptom of several larger problems. Here's why, even if you're tempted by the ultimate symbol of white trash simplicity, you should never, ever fall in love with a man who has a mullet.