Love and Money: Are You on the Wrong Side of the Perspective?

Although everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion when it comes to love and money or love involving money or money involving love; something very important is the 2 have different background and bring about different benefits.

Money is very important as love. Hug doesn't bring money and money doesn't bring love. If you're a guy, try materialism for a decent girl. Try to show her money and spend alot. Her actions only will give you the signal that your money is not worth her time.

The real thing about real love is attention. The decent partner you're looking for does not need your financial details or abilities. All you need is comfort. Create comfort around you. Allow them to be confident around you, just as you are confident around yourself, just the way you are.

Money is very important. Don't allow yourself to struggle if you don't have to. Live to your standards but be creative in creating a reasonable income source.

Love doesn't give money. Love is different from work or business. Sometimes you need to use love time to hustle. That's why if you're young, you need to do your best and use your best time on improving your personal skills and knowledge instead of searching for love here and there. Make sure your future is certain and your daily routine and goals toward your future is intact before you can go out and play.

The wrong perspective about money is you must grow to make it, and young age is for fun; to fall in love and that's all.

The wrong perspective about love is you can get it without giving attention, you just need the money.

Face the right perspective today and you are going to find everything easy. You don't have to waste your time on something that won't work.