The world's biggest boobs (Photos)

30yr old German nude model known as Beshine who is said to own
“The World’s Biggest Boobs.”
Her boobs fills a Z cup! As of 2011, Beshine’s breasts weighed about 20 pounds each.
Her bras are custom made and she struggles to find clothes that fit.

In an interview on her web site,
Beshine said,
“It is always an adventure to be in public with such big boobs.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records,
New York born porn star 48yr old Maxi Mounds (born Jenna Curlington) officially has the “world’s largest augmented breasts,”
She has (the now illegal) polypropylene string breast implants, which irritate breast tissue,
causing her breasts to grow continuously.
Maxi claims to wear a 156MMM bra.
Each breast weighs 20 pounds and is bigger than her head.

The biggest breasts in the world has Chinese Ting Hia Fen.
Each of her breasts weighs 10 kg.
She became famous at 14 years.
According to her, because such large breasts experience a lot of inconvenience.

Chelsea Charms boobs weigh 26 lbs each &measure a whopping 164XXX! (her photos below)