Man Abandons His 1yr Old Twins in a Car to Go Have Sex with a Neighbour!

A man in Virginia USA, is in ploice custody after he left his 1-year-old twins alone in a car while he had sex with a female neighbour in a nearby building.

The 27 year old identified as Juan Munfor (Pictured above), was charged with two counts of felony child endangerment and indecent exposure after police, responding to complaint from another neighbour who was watching as the scene played out, discovered the twins in a parked car with the windows rolled down.

A police officer from Prince George Police department, Capt. Brian Kei told CBS 6 news about the incident saying;

“We went around to the back of the duplex and discovered a male and a female engaging in sexual intercourse,”

“At that point they [police] made contact with the individual who identified himself as the father of the two twins.”

The woman, who is not the mother of the babies, was released at the scene but also charged with indecent exposure.

As a precaution, the twins were evaluated at a local hospital then placed in child protective custody.

Munfort will sit in jail for at least the remainder of the week.

“There have been so many child deaths in vehicles and parents not paying attention,”

said a neighbor who called in the complaint to police.

“It would be on my conscience.”