Hustle or Be Broke - I am not broke but I am not rich enough

Am not talking about the hustle of the olding days, where people try by all means to make ends meet. Am talking about hustle to comfort. Am talking directly to young people.

I don't know why but I don't appreciate blank life. Blank life is a life of fantasy. You wake up in the morning and you don't think about how to be productive or where to improve your productivity. I wonder why many young guys enjoy being dependent even though they appreciate and wish to be like other young guys who are made. Becoming self-made or 'whatever' often comes with a sacrifice. It comes with dedication, a fruit of real desire to make it regardless how the sun shines upon the earth.

Call me a hustler.

I know my passion is music right from the start but right now and right here, my passion is tied to comfort. My passion runs toward everything that can bring in cash. I'm positive in my dealings and don't even bother myself about the controversy of money-love. Am not broke but am not rich enough!

The love of money, when accompanied by true passion of creating value to make that money is a blessing to the world. People that don't want to talk about money are those living in poverty. They are sitting right there and don't hope for any increase financially. So they don't wanna talk about it and label you a sinner if you talk about it.

Am entering into vigorous hustle sessions online and offline. And I'll be sharing my progress, the exact project and my income. Yes my income. This is what hustle is all about! The money!

I challenge you if you're a young guy or girl allow your mind to sink deep the lane of ideas. Let it skin-dip in the river of thoughts. Thoughts of value, a value that will bring in money. Don't be lazy. Don't look for alibis. Just hustle hard 'til you become rich and comfortable.